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Wedding Flower Hoops
Wedding Flower Hoops


At TTWT, we design and craft unique bridal hoops for your big day. From Bride's bouquet, Groom's boutonnière, Bridal squad floral, Parent's floral to any other floral-related items, we craft them uniquely in a form of a hoop. 

Unlike a floral bouquet, our hoops are slow crafted with hours and hours of planning, preparation, and final execution behind each hoop. After your wedding, you are also able to hang your floral hoop up in a well-ventilated area for them to dry naturally. 

Our hoops are for one who's looking to have an atypical wedding, drop us an email at

to enquire about our services!

Bridal Hoops - FROM $200

Groom's Boutonnière - FROM $50

Bridal Squad - FROM $70

Bridal Earring - FROM $65


If you are engaging us and are also looking for other services for your wedding you'll be able to enjoy a couple of perks from some of our favorite ♥ people in the industry!


(MUA) Beauty Without Filter

Atiqah is an extremely talented makeup artist who's been roaming around with her makeup luggage for almost 5 years now, versatility is her strength as she believes everyone has different skin types, flaws they wish to hide, and features they want to bring out.

If you've signed up a makeup package with them you get 5% off our florals with us! and If you've gotten your wedding florals with us you'll get a 10% off their make up packages!

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