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Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions via dm's and emails so we've curated some of the frequently asked into the below,

hope these are of some sort of help to you!

  • How long does our fresh flower hoops last?
    Good news! The concept of our fresh floral hoops are meant to dry naturally, It should last a good couple of months. They stay fresh for about 3 - 5 days depending on the type of fresh flowers used. It takes about 3 - 4 weeks to fully dry, drying time differs for different flowers thus it all depends! Do note that the floral hoop will look slightly different when completely dried.
  • Where should I hang the floral hoop?
    Hang anywhere desired however we recommend displaying them in cool, dry spaces away from direct sunlight to ensure a longer shelf life!
  • What can I do with the hoop once it is dried?
    We highly recommend you to drop a few drops of essential oil or other types of fragrance on any parts of the flowers/foliage on the hoop, it will thus act like a diffuser for your room.
  • What are preserved flowers?
    Preserved flowers are 100% real and natural that have gone through a preservation process, where they are soaked in eco-friendly chemicals to strip their original colors before artificial colors are applied. This process gives the flowers a second life with more vibrant colors whilst still keeping their original textures and flower structure. Because of the preservation process, flowers do become more brittle and more prone to damage so we recommend to handle them with care. They typically last anywhere from 3 - 6 months exposed to air and depending on environmental conditions example: heat, sunlight, water, wind and especially humidity. They can also sometimes grow mouldy if it is extremely humid, however that being said if they are kept in an enclosed display box/dome or an air tight container, they can last anywhere between 1 - 3 years or even more!
  • Care Tips!
    Dried Flowers/Foliages: They tend to be more brittle compared to preserved materials since they being are stripped of their moisture. Dried materials are duller in terms of colors however there are some dried materials that retains their vibrancy even after the drying process! They are fairly easy to maintain, when dusty all you need is a common hair dryer. Gently blow flowers at a distance (about 25cm away, not too close as it might damage the flowers) with low fan and low heat, you can also lightly dust off with a soft brush. You can also spray a layer of unscented hair spray every now and then to protect the floral materials. Many try to dry their flowers at home through the "Air dry" process and experience mould forming in the bud of their flowers (mostly common in flowers with a tight center eg: Roses). We recommend to dry flowers away from toilets or windows where there tends to be more moisture/bacteria because these are the reason behind mouldy flowers. Mould can spread from one flower to another so you will have to always keep a close eye on them through the drying process. We usually try to dry them in a dark room that has a dehumidifier to prevent mould and to retain color. Preserved Flowers/Foliages: During rainy season (Nov - Mar), air humidity will be higher than usual and thus preserved materials are prone to mildew or leakage of preservation liquid. You will notice that flowers become slightly transparent and wet of touch, when experiencing this you can also gently blow the flowers using a hairdryer at a distance (about 25cm away, not too close as it might damage the flowers) with low fan and low heat. This process will allow the preserved materials to freshen up and you'll notice that they will become opaque again, repeat this blow dry process every now and then to keep preserved materials fresh. You can also store them in air tight box with any form of desiccant for a period of them to remove any kind of moisture that has been absorbed from the environment whilst hanging in your home. With preserved materials you can also spray them with a layer of unscented hair spray every now and then to protect the floral materials. Many has asked if the preservation liquid is toxic, the answer is they are known to be eco friendly and should not be toxic however it is ultimately still chemicals so we do recommend to always wash your hands with soap after handling preserved materials before touching your face or handling food.
  • Cancellation/Refund
    All pieces are slow crafted by hand so once payment has gone through we are unable to process a cancellation/refund.
  • What type of packaging do we use for our crafts?
    Both our wearables and our floral hoops are all carefully packed in paper boxes with paper fillers before mailing/delivery.
  • When will we re-stock items that are sold out? Can I be on a waitlist?
    First of all, thank you for your interest in our crafts! However, because our crafts are slow crafted by hands in small batches based on seasonal florals, every piece is unique and sort of a "limited edition" so there is no such thing as "re-stocking" per say because they are not "manufactured" in a factory. If something is "sold out" most likely we do not have the seasonal materials to craft them anymore thus if you'd still like to order from us, you can reach out to us with your interest and we are able to craft a custom order for you in similar floral materials close to its original design!
  • Why are your pricing so steep?
    Each and every hoop is designed and slow crafted by yours truly upon order which means every piece is slightly different. Hours and hours goes behind each floral hoop, from planning of shape structure to preparing the actual structure, from conditioning of floral materials to the actual crafting, it takes double to triple the time required to craft a floral bouquet. We also have to make sure that when fresh floral materials are used, there is some form of water source for each and every flower so that they can remain fresh throughout your wedding! All of the above mentioned requires intricate processes and every hoop is slightly different thus requires a slightly different process.
  • I'd like to engage TTWT to craft my bridal hoop, what is the process like?!
    When brides have decided they'll like to engage us as their floral hoop vendor, we'll usually recommend to arrange a meet up with them physically! Some brides do not feel comfortable meeting physically due to Covid so this is not a compulsory session, however we usually meet our brides because our floral hoops are so personal in terms of design and size that sometimes a discussion over email might not be enough. During these sessions, we'll talk about color themes, design, floral materials, item requirements (if you require groom's boutonnière or bridal squad florals etc), venue and the gown. We'll also share our thoughts and recommendations also brides can ask us questions with regards to our floral hoops. It's basically a time for you to. get to know me and for me to get to know you, the sessions takes no more than an hour (but if you'd like a good talk, we can also chat about anything under the sun). After these sessions, we'll go back and prepare some sort of proposal with 2 weeks or so with a moodboard + a rough sketch based of the preferred color theme and floral materials together with the quotation. We'll share these with our brides via email and we can further discuss from there forward. Once brides are happy with the proposal and quotation, a 50% non refundable deposit (to protect our time spent on meeting you, sourcing/ordering of materials and proposal preparations) is required to secure your dates and the final payment will be required to be made 2 weeks before your actual wedding day. Feel free to drop us an email at with any other enquiries regarding your big day!
  • What type of materials do we use?
    We use all sorts of materials that are readily accessible, from faux flowers to fresh, dried and even preserved, you name it we'll try our best to see what to recommend base of your brief! Some of which we even help specially source from overseas!
  • What happens to my deposit if my wedding gets cancelled or postponed?
    The 50% deposit we collect upon confirming your dates for your wedding is non refundable as stated on the invoice, this is to protect the time we've spent on your wedding proposal from designing to materialising, not only that, we'd also have to put in money to order your floral materials way before your wedding. If your wedding is postponed due to unforeseen circumstance then we can rearrange the dates accordingly, but still will not issue a refund or credit. Do kindly understand that If in any case you were given a credit out of goodwill by one of us, you can use your credits on bespoke crafts only since your deposit was made for a bespoke order as well. Credits are not allowed to be use on standard crafts available on our website. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us!
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