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Twist The Willow Twig is a small and humble home-based floral studio by a self-taught florist with a background in graphic design. We design and craft unique floral hoops from small wearables to home decors to bridal florals, ever-changing and always experimenting with new materials and pushing boundaries.

About us

Featured Crafts

Head over Heels

Crafted with various seasonal dried and preserved materials and coated with thin layers of resin to seal all the goodness inside

My Promise

Crafted with seasonal preserved and dried materials from Japan and coated with thin layers of resin to seal all the goodness inside

B68416FF-8AEB-4C23-8E90-93F004F5F389-3973-000001970FEB4C32 4.jpg

Crafted with various seasonal dried materials from around the world, sustainably sourced with a gold-tinted mirror to add to its uniqueness

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